How to Make 2024 the Greatest Year of Your Life

Today Life Hack: How to Make 2024 the Greatest Year of Your Life


Alright, so these are your New Year’s resolutions. You want to make a hundred thousand dollars online. You want to go to the gym and get a six-pack. You want to meditate every single day. Now, do you want to know what the truth is? Only nine percent of you will succeed. And if that sounds harsh, good. Because I want you to understand the severity of this situation. You say that 2024 will be your year, but most likely it won’t be. Now the question is, why are you still doing it? Frankly, it’s not your fault. Here’s why.

Today Life Hack: How to Make 2024 the Greatest Year of Your Life

The War on Your Time

There is a war on your time. Dozens of multi-billion dollar enterprises have all waged war against you. And they won’t stop until they win. They won’t stop until every last second of your time is spent on their platforms. My friend, there are no accidents on their apps. Nothing is random. Everything is planned and those billions are all spent to get one thing and one thing only. Your attention.

You have a limited amount of attention and focus to give. You can’t focus on everything. It’s impossible. Recent research published in Science magazine shows that we spend 46.9% of our days with our minds straight away from the very tasks we should be doing. That is almost half of your day gone. To what? Simply not being able to focus. How many times have you gone to just check your phone for a second? And the next thing you know, you spend hours scrolling on Instagram or TikTok without intending to. That is how they control you.

Today Life Hack: How to Make 2024 the Greatest Year of Your Life

The average person now spends 30% more time on their phone today. That means the average person spends 4 hours and 12 minutes on their phone. Let’s put that into perspective. In just a few years, your phone has gone from stealing 12% of your entire day in 2019 to over 17.5% today. If you keep going down this road, you will spend over a third of your entire life staring at a screen.

Reevaluating Priorities

Is this what you want to become an expert at? Do you want to be known as the guy who sends the best memes? We both know the answer to that. It’s time to reevaluate your priorities. What’s materially changed to make 2024 the pivotal year of your life? Because let’s face it, every year you tell yourself, “This is gonna be my year.” Yet, it never is. You keep letting yourself down year after year. But it’s much worse than that. You’re not just letting yourself down, you’re also letting down everyone around you. Your family, your friends, even your future bloodline.

Are you willing to be part of the 91% that fail year after year after year? Or are you ready to join me in making 2024 your year? This is a decision only you can make.


The truth is, making 2024 the greatest year of your life requires a change in mindset and a commitment to reclaiming your time. Recognize the tactics employed by billion-dollar enterprises to keep you distracted and break free from their control. Focus on what truly matters to you and prioritize accordingly. Let go of the constant need for validation on social media and harness the power of your attention to achieve your goals. It’s time to seize the opportunity to make a real difference in your life and the lives of those around you. Take control of 2024, and make it your year.

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